Don’t heat up the house!

It’s too hot.  Don’t heat up your house.  Let us do the cooking for you!  Just call ahead to order all or part of a meal for your family, your event, your office… whoever you are eating with these hot, hot days!   We can fix just about anything you want for your catered meal.  Salads, desserts, soups, main courses, vegan, vegetarian, glucose free, lactose free, whatever your special needs – just discuss it with us so we can help!


Catering is Keeping Us Busy!

2016-06-28 09.26.46I know that you want to see more videos of us cooking and working at festivals…..  we’ll definitely get back to those.  But we are staying busy this season with catering.

We’ve done small family gatherings for graduation parties, business meetings, open houses, ribbon cuttings, bridal showers, weddings…  You name it, we’ve done it.

We can cater just about anything with any type of food.  Our favorites are of course to fold in a few traditional British foods with other items but we can do whatever you want.

We can also prepare the food and let you pick it up and serve it to your guests yourself or we can provide a turnkey event at your location.  So the next time you are looking for catering, give us a call and let us provide you with samples and a quote.

You will be glad you did!  2016-06-28 09.26.17

Come See Us at the Farmer’s Market

2016-04-26 10.21.59 16528Feeling Hungry? 

Absolutely Yummy Catering will be at Haywood’s Historic Farmer’s Market on Pigeon Street in the HART parking lot.  We will have bulk items for sale as well as some items for munching!  We’ll post photos soon of our actual set-up!   We are excited to be offering good food close to home.  Come visit us from 9 am until noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays to get some great food. 

Making Meat Pies in the Smoky Mountains


This morning, I made meat pies. Laurie and I arrived early, just as the sun started its ascent into the blue smoky mountain sky. We knew it would be a long day but we are excited to be venturing out into making some items for the first time without the watchful eye of our mentors, Alex and Joan Robb.
We mixed and kneaded – first the meat and spices to make the pie filling and then the flour and other ingredients for the pastry shells. My soul warmed as the ingredients took shape to form the pies – and so did my brow! Laurie and I laughed at the process and at ourselves and at our own antics as we worked. I like to think our laughter adds a bit of cheer to every bite!
Pretty soon, Alex and Joan arrived. Their presence is grounding. The best recipes and processes are passed from generation to generation – Joan and Alex are passing theirs to us!