Here are just a few of the menu plans we can create for your catered event. If you are having an event that you need catered and you don’t see a menu item that you would like to have, please reach out to Michelle by email or call (828) 452-7837.

Please note: we can provide wine pairings upon request.

Sample Menu Plan #1 (perfect for a traditional country wedding)

maincoursepageBaked chicken

Main Course

  • Slow-roasted pork butts
  • House-smoked whole chicken
  • In-house made barbecue sauce
  • Blue cheese bacon potato salad
  • Traditional Southern home-made slaw
  • Sauteed bacon and onion baked beans with local molasses


Wild blueberry cobbler with home-made vanilla ice-cream


Blueberry dessert


Sample Menu Plan #2 (Perfect if some of your guests may be vegetarian or gluten-intolerant)

SaladFish luncheon


  • Beautiful Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes and organic local mozzarella with a balsamic reduction

Main Course

  • Sunburst Trout sourced at the local Farmers’ Market
  • Vegetable Napoleon – sauteed zucchini, squash and eggplant layered with a fresh organic local mozzarella and a home-made marinara sauce


Gluten-free wild-berry tartlet with creme fraiche


Berry Tarts


Sample Menu Plan #3 (For a classic corporate luncheon)

Gourmet quichesTo-Go Lunches in Waynesville NC

Main Course

  • Assorted gourmet quiches
  • Assortment of Boars Head deli meat sandwiches
  • Choice of cold salads, including organic green salad, quinoi salad and taboulei salad.
  • Curry potato salad
  • Asian slaw


Seasonal fruit pie with fresh whipped cream


Fruit Pie